“VillaMila Arandjelovac” is the most captivating and charming apartment service in Arandjelovac. Vila Mila is located in a quiet setting on the sole edge of the City Park in which is the renowned Bukovička Spa (very close to the Aqua Park, Hotel Izvor and equestrian club), along with being located just 5 minutes from downtown Arandjelovac.  This is why Mila Villa offers its guests a serene and enjoyable vacation with a sense of peace and harmony.

The concept on which the hospitality of Villa Mila is based is the constant interweaving of culture, art, nature and enjoyment. This concept has been solely implemented and applied to the interior design and in the smallest of details which can be experienced only in this unique environment. This concept is the main focus when organizing additional activities and excursions.  

The apartments are of various sizes and capacities, however all offer stylistic interior furnishing, and equipped with cable television, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a mini bar. The high quality of our rooms promises to provide you with extra comfort and a unique experience.

All in “Villa Mila” pledges comfort, relaxation and art. This is why Villa Mila poses a perfect place for your quiet, eventful and memorable vacation.