Villa Mila is in an interesting environment interwoven in which for years, have been antiquity, nature, culture and art. TheAranđelovački Kraj is famous for its rich history, humanly unaltered nature, valuable cultural heritage and its relationship with contemporary art. Guests ofVila Milawill be able to experience the Aranđelovacs area and all its prosperity in optional excursions,Villa Mila will make sure that every guest is vividly presented the Aranđelovacs mentality and cultural heritage.





Villa Mila is located on the edge of the famous largest outdoor sculpture gallery in the form of a park in which are exposed works of the worlds eternal sculptors. The manifestation "Marble and Sounds" is the most prestigious gathering of artists of the modern world. Found in the park is also a spa, a special rehabilitation hospital "Bukovička Spa" known around the world for its mineral water and clay with beneficial therapeutic effects. The National Museum of Arandjelovac is another place not to be missed during the tour of the city. At only 12 km from theVilla Milais Topola, a significant place in the history of Serbia. Found there isOplenac, the church which was founded and left behind by the Karadjordjevićs dynasty.

Impressionist art lovers will be delighted with the legacy of Serbian painter Nikola Graovac. Only 4 km from the Villa Mila is another important place to Serbian history, the village Orašac which is the site of the first Serbian uprising in 1804. Villa Mila is located beside the foot of the Bukulja Mountains where the Garaška lakes are found. Their beauty of untouched nature leaves an unforgettable experience on every visitor. Not far from Arandjelovac are the famous monasteries,Blagoveštenja,VoljačaandNikoljeand for the real explorers is the Risovača Cave (2.5 km from Villa Mila) from the Paleolithic era.





Bukovička banja

Narodni muzej Arandjelovac

Mermer i Zvuci

Muzej Nikole Graovca


Manastiri: Blagoveštenje, Voljača, Nikolje

Pećina Risovača